Introducing The New Crypto payment gateway

Receive payments in crypto with ease.

We help modern businesses receive money in crypto from all over the world.

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Seamless crypto payments experience for your loyal customers

Now your customers can pay into your crypto wallets with whatever coin they prefer with Dabapay.

Stay ahead with our crypto payment gateway for your business

Get Instant payout into your bank account or crypto wallet.
Withdraw your funds in Naira and other cryptocurrencies.

Designated Wallet

Get highly secure wallets to accept and manage your crypto coins, all in one place.

Global Payment

Be an international store! Anyone, anywhere can now purchase your products with no hindrances.

Fast Payout

We deposit your crypto withdrawals into your local banks or other desired crypto wallets.

Business Dashboard

Manage all crypto wallets for your businesses and transaction activities in one simple space.

Payment Links

Make payments without hassles. Create shareable payment links for your customers and receive payment instantly.


Build successful products with our APIs

Our blockchains are unified into one simple SDK. Develop apps without too much sweat on any supported blockchain. There is endless scalability for your code to build on.

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